The Academy is an association of organizations which are engaged in scientific diving and consent to adhere to the standard of practice recognized by the community. Within this framework, scientific divers certified at one AAUS Organizational Member program may be granted reciprocity to dive with another, because divers are required to meet the same set of standards.

Individual Membership is available to anyone who is a scientific diver or who is interested in and supportive of scientific diving. Please note that membership in AAUS is NOT equivalent to AAUS Scientific diver status.  AAUS active diver status or AAUS certification can only be granted by an active AAUS Organizational member (OM) and all diver training records are maintained at the OM, not AAUS.   An individual may be an active AAUS diver but not an AAUS member.  Membership in AAUS allows an individual to be a part of the Academy and have access to monthly newsletters, training opportunities, scholarships, job board postings, resources and much more!

Organizational Membership may be right for your institution if its diving activities are for the advancement of science, the results or data from those activities are non-proprietary, divers are scientists or scientists-in-training, and scientific diving activities qualify as exempt as defined by the OSHA commercial diving standards.Organizational and Individual Membership applications may be completed from this website. Please see appropriate pages for more information.

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