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2024 AAUS OM Renewals

In 2024 our OM renewal process will consist of 3 processes: dues payment, Code of Ethics agreement and statistics submission. OMs will not be considered in compliance until all 3 steps have been completed.

OM Dues – OM DSOs and Company Admins can print an invoice and pay via credit card on the website. Instructions attached. Alternatively, OMs can print an invoice online and mail in a check to the address listed below. Note: You will not have full access to your OM profile until your dues are paid. PO Box 9067 Mobile, AL 36691-9067

Code of Ethics Agreement – In 2019 the AAUS BOD rolled out a Code of Ethics (COE) for AAUS DSOs. In 2023 AAUS is requiring that all DSOs agree to the COE. You can access the agreement portal and a link to the COE on the home page (top center) of the OM profile. Simply click the pencil tool and check the box agreeing to the COE. NOTE: The reminder is static and will not disappear once you have signed for the year.

Statistics Submission - Instructions on submitting statistics are attached and can also be found on the website under Members/ Resource Library/ Website Instructionals. It is strongly recommended that you fill in the blank template by hand and manually check your totals before attempting to submit your stats. Inputs are error checked and you may get a message that your totals do not agree if you do not put a value in EVERY box (zero where appropriate). Please do not include any dives that do not meet AAUS standards, e.g., recreational dives accepted by the DCB as proficiency dives. The blank template and the AAUS statistics collection criteria and definitions may be found on the Members menu/ Statistics/ Submission Info after login or in the DSO Community in the Statistics folder (see Communities instructions for access). Both accesses require member login. Please feel free to contact the Statistics Chair ([email protected]) with any questions concerning statistics or incident reporting. Statistics summaries are considered late on (and after) 01 April.

LATE FEE - NEW for 2024, the AAUS Board of Directors has implemented a late fee for all OM dues paid after the April 1st deadline. Please see the schedule of fee assessment below.  If your OM needs an extension, please reach out to the AAUS office or Treasurer well in advance of April 1st. 

$100 if paid between 4/2 – 4/30 (5pm CDT)
$250 if paid between 5/1 – 5/31 (5pm CDT)
If unpaid by 6/1, OM will be in Standards violation and suspended pending BOD review.

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