AAUS/OWUSS Internship Hosts

AAUS seeks applications from AAUS OMs that can provide high quality experiences for our interns.  Ideal hosts are capable of providing applicable scientific diver training and research experiences, mentorship opportunities, and logistical and practical support in the way of lodging, transportation, etc.  Adequate planning and support from host administrations is essential to ensuring a successful host-intern experience. 

Funding-  Interns are provided with funds to support travel and cost of living expenses, however, the host should endeavor to contribute on-site services at minimal to no cost (equipment, training, etc.) and secure discounted housing if possible.  Intern stipends for the experience are currently $3000.

Timing- Internships generally occur May-Aug, however the exact timing is flexible depending on the schedules of the host/intern. 

Intern Selection-  The chosen OM will participate in the intern selection process.  The application period for interns runs Oct.1- Jan. 15.  Applicants are reviewed and selected in a collective process during Jan-Feb. 

Host Application-  Prior to applying as a host, potential hosts should review the OWUSS Internship Handbook , AAUS Internship Host Handbook , and ensure adequate support from their administration/ institution.  Additionally all potential hosts should review the Liability Waivers and standard MOU with their administration or risk managers prior to applying as a host. Additional information on past internships can be found at:  www.owuscholarship.org/internships

Applications are welcomed well in advance, however, host applications must be submitted no later than December 15th prior to the year in which you wish to host.

 Internship Host Application Form

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