Certification Program

AAUS Scientific Diver Certification
AAUS Scientific Diver certifications are not like recreational certifications.  An AAUS certification can only be obtained by taking an AAUS course from an AAUS Organizational member (OM), not any dive shop or training facility, and is only valid if you are then diving under the auspices of an AAUS OM.  You will find a list of our Organizational members at www.aaus.org (map and list about 3/4 of the way down the home page).  Each of these Organizations have their own rules about who can take their courses (staff, students, general public), when they offer them and the cost of the course.  If you are looking for an AAUS certification opportunity, AAUS suggests you contact an OM in your area or one you already  have an affiliation with in order to find a course that may fit your needs. 

Occasionally, there are AAUS courses that are open to general enrollment. These are usually in the summer.  The most reliable way of finding out about those courses is through our monthly newsletter that is available to members.  Membership in AAUS does not require that you are an AAUS certified diver.  Individual membership information can be found under the JOIN tab and student memberships start at $25/year. 

Keep in mind that AAUS certification or AAUS science diver training occurs when a diver is trained through an AAUS Organizational member as an AAUS scientific diver.  AAUS membership occurs when an individual chooses to join the Academy.  Certification does not equal membership.  Certified divers must actively join AAUS if they wish to become members. Conversely, membership in AAUS does NOT denote an active AAUS science diver status.  

AAUS does not issue certification cards unless the training Organization/Instructor participates in the optional card program.  Organizations and Instructors can find out more about this program by contacting the AAUS office.