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University of Alaska Southeast Dive Semester

Students interested in fisheries, diving, and marine biology can round out their studies in a field-based program in Sitka, Alaska. Last year was an amazing year and we successfully trained 14 new scientific divers and conducted over 600 cold water dives! We're excited to welcome students (our 7th season) to learn and dive from our campus in Spring 2024. The Alaska Dive Semester is a 13 credit, semester-long, dive-intensive certification. This intensive suite of courses will meet the requirements needed to be a scientific diver for most universities and/or government organizations. In addition, students learn how to safely operate and maintain a skiff/boat. In total, students will receive 11 nationally and internationally recognized certifications. Interested students can fill out a brief informational questionnaire. More info at http://divesemester.alaska.edu/

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