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AAUS Conrad Limbaugh Memorial Award

The AAUS Conrad Limbaugh Memorial Award is presented biannually to an individual who has made a significant contribution to diving safety and diving leadership on behalf of the scientific diving community.
The 2022 nominees are:
Danny Gouge – "During his DSO career at VIMS, Danny was on the cutting edge of developing diving safety within the scientific diving community. His service on the AAUS Board of Directors in the late 1980's helped to shore up the foundation on which the AAUS of today is built." - Steve Sellers
Brenda Konar – "There is no person that has had a greater impact on the scientific diving community in Alaska than Brenda Konar." - Joel Markis "Out of the 417 known divers ever to be part of USAP, Brenda ranks #8 in number of dives and #3 of all women.” - Rob Robbins on Antarctic Diving with Brenda Konar
Rick Riera-Gomez – "In his 26-year tenure as the diving safety officer at the University of Miami, Rick Gomez was the picture of diving safety and diving leadership. His diving accomplishments, growth of the University of Miami science diving program, and commitment to AAUS set him apart..." – Robbie Christian

Full biographies can be found attached and here.  Voting for this year's award will be open from 01 December 15 January. Full members can cast your vote for this year's nominees by following the instructions below.

Instructions for Online Voting:
1. Login at www.aaus.org. Your username is the email address on file with AAUS. Password can be reset with "forgot password" if needed.
2. Go to Members Tab then Members Profile
3. Click on blue Vote Now button below member info block on the left-hand side of the page.
4. Carefully follow onscreen instructions to submit vote.

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