President's Slate
June  2023

June is here. As a kid that meant summer break, but those days are long gone. Today, “Summer break” means more researchers from our nearly 100 academia-based Organizational Members will head to the field. It means summer crowds will swell and fill summer programs at aquariums, zoos, and museums. Summer often brings improved weather which allows more reliable access to dive sites in need of monitoring or restoration. Divers will be hitting the water across the country and around the world, doing what they have been trained to do. Hopefully, you’ll be one of them! I hope everyone has a safe and productive summer. Get out there and gather the data to answer the questions, educate and inspire the guests, and put your eyes on those important submerged resources that require and deserve our attention. In other words, get to work.

My summer will involve some travel for work, checking on our diving and boating facilities and supporting and monitoring divers in the field. Then a quick trip to attend the Undersea & Hyperbaric Medical Society annual meeting. When these trips are behind me, I get to actually take a break of sorts, working a month’s worth of “normal” work weeks and hopefully catching up on my administrative responsibilities. Wish me luck. 

For those of you who were unable to attend our fantastic symposium last month in Pensacola, I’d like to reiterate something very important that President-Elect Jessica Keller shared with the attendees:

The AAAUS 2023 election is now open. AAUS elections have historically seen low participation numbers for as long as I can remember. The Board and I are working very hard to gather feedback on our efforts and seek member participation and input at all times, and elections are another opportunity for you to help shape the future of our organization. So vote today!  

Or wait. This year we are conducting our first ever “Meet the Candidates” event via the Floor platform (June 15th, 4pm PDT). The event will give each candidate the opportunity to introduce themselves and talk a little bit about why they want to serve on the AAUS Board of Directors. We will then take some questions from the audience and finish up with candidates being available for additional questions “in the lounge”. The event will be recorded so that those who are unable to join us live will be able to hear what the candidates have to say. You will have about two weeks after this event to cast your ballot before the election closes. If you vote now, you do have the ability to go back and change your vote up until the poll closes on the AAUS website.

Please, please, please, vote. Put that at the top of your to-do list. What else is on your list? Email me with the subject line “My 3 Summer Words” and give me the three words that best describe your summer activity plans. Then get back to work.

Dive safe,
Jim Hayward
AAUS President




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