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The mission of the American Academy of Underwater Sciences (AAUS) is to advance and facilitate safe and productive scientific diving. The AAUS was officially chartered in California in 1983 by individuals and organizations involved in the effort to obtain the scientific diving exemption from OSHA commercial diving standards. In the years since, the AAUS has expanded from the original six organizational members to more than 130 organizational members and over 1100 individual members. Organizational membership includes colleges and universities, government agencies, museums and aquaria, environmental and archaeological consulting firms, and community science groups sharing a common thread of the use of diving as a research tool and a commitment to the health and safety of scientific divers. AAUS produces consensual standards for the training and certification of scientific divers and the operation of scientific diving programs, maintains statistics detailing scientific diving activities and incident rates, conducts annual symposia and topical workshops, and directly supports student research.

In the Spotlight

After 140 years, researchers finally learn how giant sea spiders in Antarctica reproduce

Images by R.Robbins via The University of Hawaii. Story by Eric Lagatta ([email protected]). Excerpt reprinted from USA Today.

Sea spiders may be relatively large and found in abundance in Earth's oceans, but little remains known about the mysterious marine creatures. An understanding of the reproductive habits of giant sea spiders in Antarctica, for instance, has eluded marine biologists ever since the species was discovered more than 140 years ago. To solve the mystery, researchers at the University of Hawaii at Manoa traveled to the remote continent to study and observe the strange invertebrates, which are named for their resemblance to their eight-legged land-dwelling counterparts.

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Organizational members comprised of both US and International members in Academia, Aquariums, Government and Consulting firms.


Scientific dives logged by members since 1998

0.324 per 10,000 dives

DCI rate for AAUS divers, 1/10 that of recreational divers


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The AAUS Foundation is a 501c3 charity that provides internships and scholarships to students who utilize scientific diving as a research tool or study scientific diving. Partner with us as we help fund up and coming diving scientist!
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