OWUSS/AAUS Scientific Diving Internships

OWUSS and AAUS are offering two scientific diving internships for 2018!  The application deadline is December 31, 2017. Follow the link below for more information on these interships and to apply!

2018 AAUS Internship Hosts

AAUS is currently seeking OM hosts that can provide high quality experiences for our two internships.  Please visit the AAUS Internship page for full details.  Applicationst due December 15th.

2018 Spring New DSO Orientation

An AAUS New DSO Orientation will be held on  February 26, 2018 at Georgia Aquarium.  Registration is now open.

2019 AAUS Symposium Host Proposals

Please be reminded that all proposals to host the 2019 AAUS Diving for Science Symposium must be submitted to the AAUS office no later than December 30, 2017. Contact the AAUS office for more information.

2017 Symposium Proceedings

2017 AAUS Diving for Science Symposium Proceedings are now available for download in the resource library.

Standards Update 2017

The Standards manual committee met in August and completed the first draft of a complete AAUS standards manual update.  This draft is available here.  Please review and provide feedback.

Current E-Slate

Curent ESlate is available on the first of every month.  You can access older editions in the resource library under "publications".


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AAUS BOD Call for Nominations

The 2017 AAUS Nominating Committee is now accepting for consideration nominations of individual members to stand for election for the AAUS BOD

Qualified candidates must be voting members in good standing with the AAUS. The nomination letter (not to exceed 300 words) is best focused on how a particular candidate can contribute to the Academy based on their academic or diving safety contributions, or previous development or not-for-profit organizational governance experience. Please submit your nomination letter to the AAUS Nominating Committee chair, Amy Moran (morana@hawaii.edu) no later than March 15, 2017.

AAUS Student Scholarship Applications Due

AAUS Student Scholarships 

The AAUS Foundation awards scholarships to graduate students engaged in, or planning to begin, research projects in which diving is used as an important research tool or studying diving science. The Kevin Gurr Scholarship awards $3000 to a Master program student. The Kathy Johnston Scholarship awards $3000 to a Doctoral student. AAUS may also award additional $1500 scholarships to the second ranked proposals in each category.  The Foundation also grants the Kevin Flanagan Travel Award providing up to $800 for undergraduate/graduate students to attend an AAUS scientific meeting and the Hollis Gear Award that provides up to two recipients with an award valued at $1250, good towards Hollis dive gear and travel monies.  Applications are submitted electronically and all proposals are due June 30. For more information and application instructions, visit www.aausfoundation.org,or send questions to the Scholarship Committee Chair at aaus@disl.org

AAUS Scholarship Recipients Announced

AAUS Scholarship Recipients are announced today.

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University of Alaska Southeast Dive Semester

Students interested in fisheries, diving, and marine biology, can round out their studies with a field-based program in Sitka, Alaska in the Spring of 2018 (January 14 - May 5). Students will have the opportunity to work with UAS faculty and become accomplished research divers. Over the semester, students will learn everything from basic dive skills and underwater rescue procedures to underwater data collection techniques and will become familiar with local fish

and invertebrate species while participating in new and ongoing marine-related research projects. Additionally, students will develop skills in basic skiff handling and small engine maintenance techniques. For more information, visit http://divesemester.alaska.edu/or contact Dr. Reid Brewer at 907-747-7799.

Marine Subtidal Ecology and AAUS Science Diver Course

The University of Washington, Friday Harbor Laboratories is offering a Marine Subtidal Ecology course June 11- July 13, 2018.  This course focuses on learning key ecological concepts, skills, and tools applied to the subtidal marine environment. Of primary importance, students will be trained as AAUS scientific divers.  Students will conduct group and independent research projects addressing a tractable question in temperate subtidal ecology; the skills and principles of ecology will, however, be broadly applicable to underwater science. Doing scientific research underwater means working underwater; throughout the course we will help students develop the skills and confidence to safely do this kind of work in their study system. The training will include visits (and input!) from scientific diving instructors from around the NW, evening discussions of accident case studies, and extensive pool and in-water skills and rescue drills.  More information is available at https://fhl.uw.edu/courses/course-descriptions/course/subtidal-marine-ecology/or email pema@uw.edu.


NOAA Diving Manual 6th Edition

This NOAA Diving Manual 6th edition, edited by AAUS members Greg McFall, John Heine, and Jeff Bozanic, is now available. The 6th edition is more robust than previous editions, combining new developments in equipment and cutting-edge methods and procedures to provide a reference text that is useful for not only scientists but all divers.


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