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 AAUS 2015 Diving For Science Symposium

The 2015 AAUS Symposium will be hosted in part by Florida Keys Community College and will be held September 28- October 3, 2015 in Key West, FL. The week will be filled with workshops ranging from PSI and DAN courses to Reef Check and Lionfish.  There will be opportunities for diving the Vandenberg and Aquarius, as well as social and networking events. We will wrap up the week with the national DSO meeting, a two day science symposium and annual awards banquet.  We encourage you to join us for this meeting and be an active part of your Academy!

Look for registration to open in April.

Abstract Submissions are now being accepted.  See below for instructions.



Call for Abstracts and Author Guidelines

AAUS is now accepting abstracts for the 2015 AAUS Diving for Science symposium.  This year AAUS will accept short abstracts (less than 800 words), extended abstracts (800-1200 words) or full manuscripts. Abstracts should be submitted electronically to aaus@disl.org by June 15, 2015. Please put "2015 AAUS symposium abstract" followed by  your name in the message line to facilitate tracking.

Notification on the disposition of submitted abstracts will be returned to the first author electronically by July 15. The deadline for final abstract/manuscript submission is August 7 to allow the published proceedings to be available at the fall meeting. No presentation will be allowed unless the final abstract or manuscript has been cleared for publication in the proceedings. Please contact Alex Brylske (alex.brylske@fkcc.edu) for more information.

All submissions MUST use the template, which includes formatting instructions.  Simply replace your text in the appropriate locations for correct formatting.  You can find the template in the resource library at www.aaus.org in the symposium proceedings folder or at the links below:

Short Abstracts

Extended Abstracts and Manuscripts 


*Note to AAUS Symposium Speakers*

How do you make your talk interesting to a WIDE AAUS audience?  The AAUS science symposium is attended by scientists, dive officers, and dive safety professionals. Presentations span topics from pure science that uses diving and diving safety, to diving techniques. The common theme is that the work reported on uses scientific diving for the advancement of the science. The speakers should try to make their talks relevant to a broad range of interests. By including some details about the diving techniques related to their studies and some of the challenges and successes, and not just the results of using diving will make their talks more enjoyable to the audience.

Things that work well are:

  • Telling a story about your research.
  • Include map of the area of the research and pictures of the environment you worked in.
  • Description of your methods & utilization of diving for your research.
  • Keeping data slides simple so everyone can understand them.

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