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BIOS Summer Courses 2022

The Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences (BIOS) offers university-level summer courses, designed to immerse students in the study of marine science, with a 3-week program of coursework and research that is unique in marine science education. BIOS summer courses in marine science provide undergraduate and graduate students with the opportunity to expand their studies into subtropical environments and/or to investigate topics in ocean science, which are not offered within the curricula of their home institutions. BIOS has quick and easy access to a diverse array of subtropical marine habitats which, combined with lectures, discussions and integrated field work and laboratory exercises, provide an optimal environment for experiential learning. This summer BIOS will be offering Coral Reef Ecology and Research Diving Methods (AAUS) courses. Course details, syllabus, scholarship information and application instructions are available at http://www.bios.edu/education/summer-courses. Deadline to apply is April 30th.

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