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AAUS Foundation Scholarship Awards 2019

The AAUS Foundation offers competitive research scholarships to both doctoral-level students and master-level students who utilize scientific diving as a principal research tool or study scientific diving. First place awards for both program levels are $3000; second place awards are $1500. A total of 37 proposals were reviewed. Proposals ranged from Antarctic to tropical studies and spanned disciplines from organismal biology to archaeological resource management. Special thanks to the 17 reviewers, and best wishes to all who participated. If you know of a student who could benefit from an AAUS graduate scholarship you can direct them to the Foundation website for more details. Next year's round of proposals will be due on June 30, 2020. https://aausfoundation.org/
Doctoral-level Awards
1st place Gabriele Keeler-May, University of Otago Distribution and analysis of Undaria pinnatifida haplotypes in New Zealand harbors and a control project to assess effects of large-scale removal on native kelp communities.
2nd place Katelyn Gould, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Coral Restoration Transplantation and Conservation Genetics Approach: Implications for Orbicella annularis in the Florida Keys
Honorable Mention
Joseph Klein, University of California, Santa Cruz
Master-level Awards
1st place Max Liebergesell, San Diego State University Investigating predation on purple urchins (Strongylocentrotus purpuratus) within kelp forests and urchin barrens
2nd place Demetra Panos, California State University, Northridge Community contribution to benthic biogeochemical variability in kelp forests
Honorable Mentions
Rachel Best, Florida State University
Liv Wheeler, University of Hawaii
Find out more about the AAUS Foundation Scholars at www.aausfoundation.org