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2019 AAUS/OWUSS Internships

AAUS partners with Our World Underwater Scholarship Society to offer two internships annually; The Lee H. Somers Scientific Diving Internship and the Mitchell Scientific Diving Research Internship. These internships will provide undergraduates with the experience and opportunities necessary for a future in science, diving for research, or scientific diving-related fields. Intern applicants can be students from colleges and universities with an interest in science and diving. The program runs primarily from mid-May through August and will include training and hands on experience at one of several AAUS organizational member sites. Intern applications open in mid-October and close December 01st. Organizational Members who are interested in hosting an intern should contact the AAUS office.

Kyra Cippola has been awarded the 2019 Lee H. Somers Scientific diving internship. Kyra is currently a senior at Drew University in Madison, New Jersey, pursuing a double major in Environmental Science & Sustainability (ESS) and Italian Studies. Moss Landing Marine Laboratories will host this year’s intern. Kyra will be working with Diana Steller and will receive her AAUS science diver certification along with hands-on experience on several on-going research projects.

Liza Hasan has been awarded the 2019 Mitchell Scientific Diving Research internship. She will be graduating from the University of Colorado, Boulder, in May, 2019 with a degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. During her time at the University of Colorado, she has had the opportunity to conduct research on alpine plant ecology, prairie dog spatial dynamics, and greenback cutthroat trout restoration. University of Alaska will host this year’s intern. Liza will be working with Brenda Konar on examining how watersheds with different amounts of glacial cover impact coastal communities.

Find out more about these interns and keep up with their summer adventures at https://aausfoundation.org/internships

Update:  The 2019 Somers and Mitchell interns are off and diving!  Keep up with their adventures this summer through their blogs.  We are excited to see what all they get to experience and learn at Moss Landing Marine Laboratories, the University of Alaska and beyond.

Lee H. Somers Scientific diving intern – Kyra Cipolla: http://blog.owuscholarship.org/2019/06/diving-into-my-first-week-at-moss-landing/

Mitchell Scientific Diving Research intern –
Liza Hasan: http://blog.owuscholarship.org/2019/06/the-beginning/