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AAUS Foundation 2018 Update

Our first year with two Internships - the Somers Scientific Diver Training Internship and the Mitchell Scientific Diving Research Internship - was a success due in large part to the efforts of Heather, Chris Rigaud, and Jenna Walker from OWUSS. Many thanks to Martha Somers, Chuck and Kathy Mitchell, and George Wozencraft for their financial support. The Foundation also funded first place and runner-up awards for both doctoral and master’s candidates, a Best Student paper award, and two Kevin Flanagan Student Travel Awards. Work continued on the fund-raising strategy thanks to yeoman effort by Jim Nimz from the National Park Service and we developed an enhanced social media presence through the efforts of AAUS Board member Jessica Keller. Foundation BOD members Ted Maney and Bill Dent stepped down from the Board and we thank them for their service. Ross Whippo, AAUS Scholarship Chair, and newly elected Director, Jim Nimz, are new members of the Foundation BOD. The Annual Bubblebreaker Auction and raffles at the Tahoe symposium raised about $16,000 for scholarships. Our thanks to Heather and the many sponsors of the symposium for making this so successful. AAUS Foundation has great products for everyone on your holiday list! Checkout the beautiful images by Seacology along with a variety of Kathy English Art products! Tax deductible donations are also accepted at the Foundation website. Donate now to get that deduction for 2018.

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