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Standards Update 2017

AAUS is in the process of revising and updating the AAUS standards manual. The general idea is to streamline concepts and layout, remove areas of redundancy and update equipment and modes. The standards committee would also like to better define the rescue skills and move them so they are encompassed in the scientific diver training area (sec 5.0).  We would like community input on these changes and others that you would like to see implemented.

As you complete the survey below, please remember that the AAUS manual is a minimal standard set up to cover the OSHA exemption, and what the AAUS community considers safe diving practices. These standards must flexible enough to be applicable for small 3-4 diver OMs, all the way to the 150 diver, large scale program and in varying environments that encompasses sea grass diving in warm water to deeper cold water dives with more task loading.  Thus many of the details are left up to the individual OM for personalizing. We urge OM’s to customize their manuals to reflect what their OM actually does, and cover the environment and type of diving they are engaged in.  All OM’s are welcome to make their own standards more stringent than what is found in the AAUS template.


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What sections or subsections of the manual do you feel must stay as is and not be revised?

What minimal rescue skills would you like to see in the manual?

Are there any new modes of diving that AAUS should look at creating standards for and why?

What sections of the manual would you like to see trimmed or updated?

Do you think that separating the SOPs and training sections works? Example of this format is the new rebreather standards

Additional Comments/Suggestions


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