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Standards Update 2017

Below is a link to the first draft produced by a standards subcommittee.  YOU MUST BE LOGGED IN TO VIEW THIS FILE. While drafting these changes the committee took into consideration comments received through a survey of all AAUS OMs and an online comment form. We went through each section, word for word and discussed in detail any changes needed until a consensus was reached. This included modernizing out of date material, decreasing the redundancy, updating, or clarifying wording to be more concise. Some areas are barely changed while others may have major updates.

Keep in mind this is a working draft. It was designed to be a ‘minimal standard’ to meet the broad range of OM’s in AAUS (from the 3 person consulting firm to the 200 person Institution). OM’s are always welcome to increase or exceed this minimal standard. The standards committee is looking forward to comments and input on this draft as well as an open discussion at the 2017 Symposium in Alpena, MI. Once the membership has a chance to review and discuss this document, the edited copy will be posted for a 60 day comment period. The standards committee hopes to have a final draft by the end of the calendar year.

We have not included a table of contents yet, nor have we listed the changes until the draft is final. However this working draft has been color coded to indicate areas where we made changes, or need more input from the membership.

Highlighted text key:

Green = suggested changes

Yellow = reference check required

Aqua = subcommittee consensus not achieved, feedback at DSO meeting required

Red = refers to content that does not currently exist, additional content development required


Please take the time to review this document carefully and either complete the comment form below or bring your suggestions and edits to the symposium.  We will have a discussion about this rewrite both at the DSO meeting (Thursday) and at a roundtable discussion on Friday afternoon.




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