2016 AAUS Diving For Science Symposium

Registration is open and workshops are filling up. Room blocks close on August 15th.  The abstract deadline has passed but if you are interested in presenting a poster, please contact the AAUS office.

Conrad Limbaugh Memorial Award for Scientific Diving Leadership 2016

The 2016 AAUS recipient of the Conrad Limbaugh Memorial Award for Scientific Diving Leadership is Rob Robbins. Come hear Rob speak at this year's symposium.

2016 Lee H. Somers Scientific Diving Intern

Allie Sifrit, University of Hawaii, has been awarded the 2016 Lee H. Somers Scientific diving internship. Follow Allie's experience through her summer blog posts.

AAUS Certification Program

It is time for your annual AAUS-ITI Instructor Renewal.  More information here.

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Current E-Slate is available on the first of every month.  You can access older editions in the resource library under "publications".

Nautilus, Shearwater, Oceanic and Hollis Institutional Pricing

Nautilus, Shearwater, Oceanic and Hollis have gratiously extended their institutional pricing to all AAUS organizations.  Follow the link for more information and access to the price lists.


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MLML / CSU AAUS Science Diving Course
    08/08/16 - 08/21/16

MLML/CSUMarineScienceDiving- 2016

AAUS (AmericanAcademyof UnderwaterSciences)SummerIntensiveScientificDivingCourse


DianaSteller,DSO atMLML,NAUI#13564, cell831-588-5591, dsteller@mlml.calstate.edu

AngelaZepp,Asst.DSO, NAUI #57229, Work#314-604-0446,  azepp@mlml.calstate.edu


ForApplicationMaterials:contactDianaSteller,Moss LandingMarineLaboratories,8272 Moss LandingRd, Moss Landing,CA 95039, 831-771-4440 or visitonlineathttp://diving.mlml.calstate.edu/- see classes/certification.If prerequisitesaremetandverifiedthenregistrationinformationfor SJSU Extended Educationwillbeprovided.


Objectivesof theAAUS (AmericanAcademyof UnderwaterSciences)ScientificDivingCourse

- TrainsresearchdiverstoAAUS standardstoattainstatusasascientificdiver.Certificationallowsfor research

divingreciprocityamongAAUS institutions***needhomeinstitutionfor affiliation

- Traininginadvancedsafedivingtechniques

- Demonstrateadvancedunderstandingof divingphysics,physiology,equipmenttroubleshooting,navigation, diveplanning,emergencyandrescueskills

- Becomefamiliarwithresearchdivingskills,surveytechniquesandcommonmarineorganisms.Research techniquesincludeREEFCHECKsurveys

- Increasecompetencyascoldwaterdiverundervariedconditions

- Becomefamiliarwithsmallboatdivingsafetyandtechniques

- Becomecertifiedas NAUI MasterDiverandAAUS diver

- Summercourseisintensive.Beinswimminganddivingshape,comeprepared.


CourseDates:Aug. 8-12 and15-21 andthisincludesa 6 day fieldtripto BigCreekReserveinBigSur fromAugust 16-21.  Hrs. approx.7:30am-5:30pmdaily.


CourseLocation(s):CSUMBpool,MLMLSeminarroom,theoceanaroundMontereyBayandBigCreek MarineReserve.!!!! FIRSTCLASS MEETINGIS MondayAugust 8, at 8:00am at CSUMBpool, BRING:swimsuit,snorkelinggear,towel,surfsuitOKforpoolwork.(directionsareavailableonline).


Registration:Goto MLMLresearchdivingsiteCERTIFICATIONpage,downloadapplicationmaterial. Fillthemout completelyand sendas onePDFto DSOto review.If completeand prerequisitesaremet, DSOwillsendyou registrationmaterials.  Toholda classspaceallpaperworkmust bereviewedby DSO and coursefeemust bepaid.CSU studentshavecoursepriority.


Pre-requisitesto becompletedpriorto startof course:

- BasicSCUBA certification– verifywithacertificationcard

- Rescuecertification

- 12 loggedcold-waterscubadivesminimum!(with4 recent,turninlogs)- alldate,location,buddy, depth, diveprofileinforequired(divelogformavailableatwww.diving.mlml.calstate.eduunderCERTIFICATION. Highlyrecommendedtohave20

- Currentapplication&divemedicalon CSU/AAUSmedicalformwithappropriatelabwork (formavailable


- PersonalDiveGearwithcurrentannualinspectionverification(seelistbelow/rentalsavailable)

- Passaswimtest(MUSTPASS FIRSTDAY - seedetailsbelow),basicskinandSCUBA skills

- CurrentCPR,1stAid, EmergencyO2training(providecardsor proof of currenttraining)

- currentDAN membershipandbasicdivinginsurance


- Commitmenttoarugged,challengingandrewardingdivingcourse


PaperworkChecklist:(application,medicalformandallpaperworkmustbesubmittedtoD. Stellerby 20 July attheaboveMLMLaddress.KEEPPERSONALCOPY OF ALLPAPERWORK).Detailsandformsavailable http://diving.mlml.calstate.edu/(seeCERTIFICATIONLINK).


1)  DiverApplication/EmergencyContact

2)  Copyof DivingCertificationandRescueCard(contacttheAgencyifyou havelostcard)

3)  Copyof currentCPR,FirstAidandEmergencyOxygentraining

4)  DiveLogs– copiesof pastdivelogs(up to25 dives).Excellogsheetavailableon web.


CSUMB&SJSU MedicalCenter~$150, Doctorson Duty~$150-200 – FORFORM go todiving

medicalformsunderthepaperworklinkathttp://diving.mlml.calstate.edu/.NOTEALL REQUIREDLABTESTSMUSTBEDONE,formmustbesignedby anMD.  READFORM CAREFULLY.

6)  EquipmentServicingForm(touseyour own regulator,gaugesandBCD you mustshow proof of



8)  NAUI Waiver– willsignfirstdayof class

9)  DAN insurance-thismeansmembership basicinsurance(minimumlevel)



12)Verificationof Insuranceform


RequiredTextand Reading:NAUI MasterDivertextandmusthavereadpriortoclass.Westrongly encouragestudentstoreadtextpriortoclass.Teston textmaterialfirstday.AvailablefromD. Steller($36.00) tillJuly24. ReefChecktextandflashcardswillbeprovidedthefirstday,andfor purchase.


CourseSign-up:Admissionbasedon instructorconsent.Contacteitherinstructorfor infoandthefirststepis tosubmityour applicationby emailtodsteller@mlml.calstate.edu.PrioritygiventoMLMLandCSU grad students,thenundergrads,thenoutsideapplicantsbutweencouragealltoapply.Courseisbeingoffered throughSJSU Extension.Afterapplicationisassessed,sign-updetailswillbeprovidedtothosewho meetthe requirements.


Cost: ~$500 *** Coursefeevariesfornon-CSU students

Costscover:AAUS certification,REEFCHECKcertification,NAUI MasterDiverCertification,

Training,cylinders fills,divevehicletransport,boats,engines,fieldcompressors,sampling& emergencyequipment(O2/AED),fieldequipment,access,campingandfood for fieldtriptoBigCreek UCReserve.



- CPR,1stAid,O2admin.,certification

- NAUI MasterDiverCard($16)

- NAUI MasterDivertext(~$36)

- MedicalExam(~100-$200 )

- DAN Membership($25) Insurance($25, 35 or 70$)

- ReefCheckmanualandflashcards($20.00 each)

- 2 sidedslatesfor saleatMLML($20.00)



AAUS SwimTest(mustpasson firstdayof class,no swimaidsallowed)

1)  400 yd swiminunder12 min.

2)  25 yd underwaterswim(** practicethisundersupervision)

3)  10 mintreadwater

4)  25 yd swimmertransport


-  SkinSkills(inpool,thenocean)

1)  WeightbeltR&R=removalandreplacement(surfaceandatdepth– 10’)

2)  MaskR&R

3)  FinR&R

4)  Any 2 itemsR&R

5)  SkinRescue

6)  50 yds underwateron 3 breaths


-  SCUBA Skills(inpool,thenocean)

1)  RemovalandRecovery(R&R)of gearatsurfaceandatdepth– weightbelt/pouches,BCD, mask, regulator

2)  BCD Orallyinflate,removeandreplacepowerinflator(surfaceandatdepth)

3)  Buddybreath25 yds withoutmaskasdonor andrecipient

4)  Octopusbreath25 yds withoutmaskasdonor andrecipient

5)  ControlledEmergencySwimmingAscent(CESA- 25yds horizontal)

6)  FullUWgearexchangewithbuddy

7)  FullGearDitchandDon*

8)  Bailout(enterwaterwithallgearinhand,turnon airandputon gear)*

9)  CompleteSCUBA rescue

10)400 yardsurfaceswiminfullscubagear,breathingon snorkel<20minutes

** non-mandatoryskill,conductedinpoolonly



Eligibilityfor AAUS certificationisbasedon:FinalExam,NAUI MasterDiverTest,homework,divelogs, presentation,participation


TentativeClassSchedule:detailedschedulewillbesentto sign-uplist

- Meetat0730 – BringYour LunchDaily!!!

- SnackDay/SEABAG– eachpersonisleaddiverfor adayduringthecourse


DiveEquipmentRequiredAt Startof Course:

You mustprovide:

1)   Weightbeltandyour own personalweight(weightpouchesok too)

2)   BuoyancyCompensator,withappropriateclipsfor avoidingdanglinggear.

3)   Regulator- musthaveeitheroctopusor BCD musthaveairsourceandproof of ithavingbeen


4)   Mask&Snorkel

5)   Wetsuit(7mmwetsuitminimumfor ocean,surf suitok for pool),dry suitok ifyou haveprior trainingandverificationof training.Thisisnotadry suittrainingcourse.

6)   Gloves,Booties&Hood

7)   Timingdevice(minimum– waterresistantto50m)or divecomputer manual

8)   Compass


9)   CuttingTool(SafetyShearsor Diveknifewithstrap)

10) EquipmentBag(thatfitsallof your gear)

11) SmallerMeshgoodiebag(thatfitsmask,fin,snorkel)for boatdiving

12) Save-a-divekit


13) DiveLight(minimumone,preferabletohave2)

14) Diveslatefor sampling(2 sidedslates UWpaperfor saleatMLML$25.00)

15) CampingGearfor BigCreekTrip– sleepingbag,pad,tent,flashlight/headlamp,sun hat,warm

weathergear,sunscreen,waterbottle,plate,knife,fork, mug,underwaterharmonica



Mayneedtoprovideown transportationtoandfromlocalocean/pool/lecturesiteandtransportown gear.


Accommodation:MLMLmayhavesomestudentsummerhousingavailable.For informationcallMLML

main# 831-771-4400.

2016 AAUS Diving for Science Symposium
    09/20/16 - 09/24/16

AAUS Scholarship Recipients Announced

AAUS Scholarship Recipients are announced today.

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MLML/CSU AAUS Science Diving Course

MLML/CSUMarineScienceDiving- 2016

AAUS (American Academyof UnderwaterSciences)Summer IntensiveScientific Diving Course

For Application Materials:contact Diana Steller,Moss Landing Marine Laboratories, 8272 Moss LandingRd, Moss Landing,CA 95039, 831-771-4440 or visit online at http://diving.mlml.calstate.edu/- see classes/certification.If prerequisites are met and verified then registration information for SJSU Extended Education will be provided.


Objectives of the AAUS (American Academy of Underwater Sciences)Scientific Diving Course

- Trains research divers to AAUS standards to attain status as a scientific diver.Certification allows for research diving reciprocity among AAUS institutions ***need home institution for affiliation

- Training in advanced safe diving techniques

- Demonstrate advanced understanding of diving physics, physiology, equipment troubleshooting, navigation, diveplanning,emergency and rescue skills

- Become familiar with research diving skills, survey techniques and common marine organisms. Research techniques include REEF CHECK surveys

- Increase competency as cold water diver under varied conditions

- Become familiar with small boat diving safety and techniques

- Become certified as NAUI Master Diver and AAUS diver

- Summer course is intensive. Be in swimming and diving shape, come prepared.


Course Dates:Aug. 8-12 and15-21 and this includes a 6 day field trip to Big Creek Reserve in Big Sur from August 16-21.  Hrs. approx.7:30am-5:30pm daily.

2016 Presidential Addresses


Rick Riera-Gomez

University of Miami

It is an honor and a privilege to move into the President position of the AAUS Board of Directors (BoD) and I look forward to the next two years with great excitement. But first I have some thank yous to mention. I would like to say thank you to outgoing AAUS President Amy Moran for her steady leadership. Her calm demeanor and thoughtfulness was great to have on the BoD as we worked through some very difficult situations.  I would also like to thank outgoing BoD members Elliott Jessup and Lora Pride for their service to the Academy.  I wish you both a great 2016 in your “real” jobs.

Special thanks must go to longstanding outgoing BoD member Michael Dardeau who has served on the AAUS BoD for the past 12 years. Michael, thank you for your friendship, service and ability to bring an invaluable perspective to the BoD.

With the turnover on AAUS BoD I would like to welcome the following people for stepping onto the 2016 BoD – Marc Slattery, Mike Anghera, Chris Ledford and Vin Malkowski.  I look forward to working with you all.

As you may recall, in 2015 the AAUS BoD developed a strategic plan (SP). This SP started in 2014 with a large fact finding period that gathered information from many different groups including the organizational membership, individual membership and past AAUS Presidents. The BoD then worked through this information and identified the strengths and weaknesses of the Academy.  The SP puts forth a clear and ambitious path for 2016. During the next 12 months, the AAUS will move forward with initiatives in the SP that membership has identified as priorities.

Some Strategic Plan Highlights for 2016

One of the major initiatives that received overwhelming support from the membership is development and implementation of an accreditation program. We have been working on this program for a while and will be starting with a full accreditation process this spring. This will be a voluntary program and will have some associated costs. We will be sending out details over the next couple of months so please watch for announcements.

Another major initiative that received much support is the development of an AAUS DSO qualification program. We have also been working on this for a few years and it’s time to move it forward. This will also be a voluntary program with associated costs. More details about this will also be forthcoming in the next couple of months.

Some of the other actions identified in the strategic plan that we will be working on in 2016 are increasing communication links, improving collaborations between AAUS and its membership and other community stakeholders, and exploring alternative revenue streams for AAUS, just to name a few.

As you can see we have an ambitious 2016 ahead but I, and the 2016 Board of Directors, welcome the challenge.




Amy Moran

University of Hawaii 

December marks my final month as President of the AAUS, and it’s been a pleasure and a privilege to serve as president for the past two years and on the AAUS Board of Directors for five.  We’ve accomplished a great deal in the last five years, none of which would have been possible without the efforts and dedication of too many people to name. 

Donors:  thank you to for your financial support and donations, large and small, which allow the AAUS Foundation to continue providing support to promising young scientists, and thank you to the organizations, individuals, and institutions that have donated funding, space and resources that allow our meetings and Symposia to be so productive;

AAUS volunteers:  thank you to all the AAUS members who’ve contributed their time and expertise to planning, committee work, strategic planning, meeting support, etc. etc.!

I do need to mention a couple of people by name.  Mike Dardeau, who’s been on the Board longer than anyone I know of, is stepping down as of January 1.  Mike has served on the Board since 2004 and has been Treasurer since 2006, and for most of that time he’s been the main person keeping the AAUS solvent and functional.  We all owe Mike a huge debt of gratitude. 

Heather Fletcher, who started working with the Board right around the same time that I did, is the heart of the AAUS and I can’t thank her enough for everything she’s done. She’s wonderful to work with and I hope she’ll be with the organization for many years to come.

Finally, to all the Board members I’ve served with: Tim, Rick, Pema, Neal, Narineh, Mike, Michael, Marc, Lora, Liz, Kevin, Jim, Jenn, Jen, George, Elliott, Diana, Christian, Chris, Cheryl, Bill; thank you for making my time as president tremendously productive, and also a lot of fun.

The Academy is in great hands with incoming President Rick Gomez and President-Elect Marc Slattery, and I have full confidence in both of to move the goals of the AAUS forward in the next four years. 

 Best wishes to everyone for a great 2016!

AAUS 2016 Board of Directors

The AAUS Board of Directors undergoes changes in 2016 as four long-standing members step down and a new President-Elect, Secretary and two new directors join.  We would like to extend our thanks, gratitude, and appreciation to Amy Moran, Mike Dardeau, Elliott Jessup and Lora Pride for their many years of service and hard work.  You've been a great pleasure to work with and you will be missed!

We welcome Chris Ledford as our new Secretary and Marc Slattery as the President-Elect.  We also welcome two new Directors to the Board:  Mike Anghera and Vin Malkowski. Chris Rigaud will transfer from a director’s position to that of the Treasurer. We look forward to working with all of you in 2016 and beyond.

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