2017 BOD Elections

Polls will be open for 2017 AAUS BOD elections from May 01 through June 30.  Full voting members should login and vote!

2017 Annual AAUS Symposium - Call for Abstracts/ Registration Open

2017 AAUS Diving for Science Symposium, hosted by Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary, September 12-16, Alpena, Michigan.  We are now accepting abstracts and registration is open!

2017 AAUS Student Scholarships

We are now accepting applications for our AAUS Student Scholarships.  These are scholarships are open to masters and doctoral students using scientific diving as a research tool.  Applications due June 30th!

Kevin Flanagan Travel Award

Apply now to recieve a travel award to attend the 2017 AAUS Diving for Science Symposium in Alpena, Michigan in September 2017.

AAUS Certification Program

It is time for your annual AAUS-ITI Instructor Renewal.  More information here.

Current E-Slate

Curent ESlate is available on the first of every month.  You can access older editions in the resource library under "publications".

Nautilus, Shearwater, Oceanic and Hollis Institutional Pricing

Nautilus, Shearwater, Oceanic and Hollis have gratiously extended their institutional pricing to all AAUS organizations.  Follow the link for more information and access to the price lists.


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Polls open for AAUS BOD Elections
    05/01/17 - 06/30/17

Abstracts due for 2017 AAUS Diving for Science Symposium

Call for Abstracts

AAUS is now accepting abstract submissions for the 2017 AAUS Diving for Science Symposium. This year AAUS will accept short abstracts (less than 800 words), extended abstracts (800-1200 words) or full manuscripts. Abstracts should be submitted electronically to aaus@disl.orgby June 16, 2017. Please put "2017 AAUS symposium abstract" followed by your name in the message line to facilitate tracking. Notification on the disposition of submitted abstracts will be returned to the first author electronically by July 15. The deadline for final abstract/manuscript submission is August 04 to allow the published proceedings to be available at the fall meeting. No presentation will be allowed unless the final abstract or manuscript has been cleared for publication in the proceedings.


All submissions MUST use the template, which includes formatting instructions. Templates can be found at www.aaus.org/annual_symposium

AAUS Student Scholarship Applications Due

AAUS Student Scholarships 

The AAUS Foundation awards scholarships to graduate students engaged in, or planning to begin, research projects in which diving is used as an important research tool or studying diving science. The Kevin Gurr Scholarship awards $3000 to a Master program student. The Kathy Johnston Scholarship awards $3000 to a Doctoral student. AAUS may also award additional $1500 scholarships to the second ranked proposals in each category.  The Foundation also grants the Kevin Flanagan Travel Award providing up to $800 for undergraduate/graduate students to attend an AAUS scientific meeting and the Hollis Gear Award that provides up to two recipients with an award valued at $1250, good towards Hollis dive gear and travel monies.  Applications are submitted electronically and all proposals are due June 30. For more information and application instructions, visit www.aausfoundation.org,or send questions to the Scholarship Committee Chair at aaus@disl.org

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Four virtual-reality films that take you on, above and below the Antarctic ice.

Join the 2016 AAUS Conrad Limbaugh award winner, Rob Robbins, as he takes you on a VR tour of the waters of Antarctica. It's just like being there, but not as COLD! This film is featured by the NY Times, debuted at the Tribeca Film Festival and will show at Cannes later this month.


Spring 2017 Presidential Update

Presidents Message - Spring BOD Meeting 2017

The AAUS Board of Directors held its annual spring meeting February 25-26 in Durham N.C. It was a productive meeting, tackling day to day operations, as well as larger initiatives. Special thanks to the Divers Alert Network (DAN) and its staff for hosting the meeting at their headquarters.

Meeting Highlights

Standards: The Standards Committee is actively moving forward with a manual rewrite under the direction of Liz Kintzing.  Additionally, this committee will be working with membership to help remediate any OMs with standards violations. 

Finance: Vin Malkoski, Finance Chair, is continuing to investigate additional funding sources for the AAUS to support infrastructure, scholarships and upcoming programs.

Scholarships: Dr. Jennifer Smith, Scholarship Committee Chair, announced the AAUS scholarships will now be called the Masters and Doctoral Scholarships.

Statistics: Dr. Tim White, Statistics Chair, reported 53 OMs have submitted statistics. Please submit those stats ASAP.

AAUS IT: Mike Anghera is spearheading the effort to upgrade the AAUS web logging site and is currently distributing an RFP. Given some difficulties and challenges with the current platform for the main AAUS website, Mike is now investigating expanding that RFP to include a redesign of that site as well.  More to come on this as it becomes available.

DSO Certification: A draft curriculum outline, developed by Rick Gomez and Sean Harrison (ITI), was presented for the board to review. This outline was created utilizing the DSO certification program AAUS developed in 2008 along with ITI’s knowledge base for developing this type of training/qualification program that will help validate the final program. The BOD discussed and revised the document at the meeting and continues to provide follow up feedback as we work to fill in the curriculum.  The goal is to release this curriculum and the path for implementation for membership review in late summer. 

Program Development Conceptual Model: A new big picture conceptual model that ties all AAUS services and programs together was presented. Chris Rigaud submitted a summary that is included in this edition of the E-Slate. Please see Small Pieces, Big Picture below for more information.   

AAUS Site Visits (previously referred to as Accreditation):The site visit committee, chaired by Jim Hayward, is continuing to address some of the concerns voiced at the 2016 symposium, reviewing and revising the guideline document for how AAUS will conduct site visits. There will be much more to come regarding the site visit program in upcoming E-Slates.

As you can see we had a very busy and productive BOD meeting. My thanks go out to all the BOD members for their hard work and dedication to AAUS. And, a special thanks to Heather. Without her help, organization, and attention to detail the BOD would struggle to accomplish anything.

Please feel free to contact individual committee chairs or me directly if you have any questions, comments or concerns about these on-going projects.


Rick Gomez (rgomez@rsmas.miami.edu)

Small Pieces, Big Picture- Programmatic Conceptual Model

Small Pieces - Big Picture

For many years, the AAUS community has struggled with two emerging programs, Accreditation and DSO Certification.  These initiatives have been debated and discussed over the course of multiple administrations, featured prominently in recent strategic plans (2008, 2015), and each have seen various beta-tests.  Yet, as of 2017, neither program has been fully implemented. 

In 2016, the AAUS Accreditation Committee attempted to revitalize the emerging accreditation program by planning a series of accreditation site visits.  This initiative was halted for multiple reasons, not the least of which were alarms raised by members of the AAUS community regarding a lack of information sharing and transparency.  In response to these concerns the Accreditation Committee and Board of Directors decided to reevaluate the development and implementation of the program. 

In the months following the 2016 AAUS Symposium, a conceptual model was created to connect existing and proposed AAUS programs.  The rationale behind the model was to describe and visualize how various small pieces might fit together to create a big picture for the Academy.  A draft form of the concept was approved by the Board of Directors at the spring 2017 Board meeting.

The AAUS Board of Directors is now presenting this idea to the AAUS community (full description).  We are requesting feedback and input on the concept as a whole.  The specific details of each piece/program will be presented for review as they become available from the AAUS committees charged with their development.

We anticipate and encourage open community discussion on this topic via the DSO google-group/list, however, to allow access to all members of our community and provide a centralized and cohesive mechanism for tracking commentary, a discussion forum has been created on the AAUS website.  Please utilize this web-forum as the primary venue for communication with the Board of Directors.  

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